Test Site




I have started to use SQL server for logging data,

Actually, home_monitor software will collect the information from Envoy & Battery remotely,

and upload the data on website by calling solar_data.php


I am using jpgraph (www.jpgraph.net) for the line graphs,

and just GD line drawing for home layout.


solar.inc               configruation related database

solar_db_initial.php      initialize the database, and add the initial data records

solar_data.php          add some data into db, and get solar informations


chart_panel0_inc.php    house layout drawing information has hard-coded, and location of panel will be

                      referenced from dataset in DB,


I have updated from the concept software


1. json configuration


  need 'envoy.json' in executable folder, it is a configuration file


  It includes

      Envoy Location / ID / Passowrd

      FTP Folder for upload 'index.html' and 'panel.png'

      Battery Back (just optional for myself, if needed)

      Home Graphic Layout

      Panel Layout

      Panel Information (Groups, Location, Orientation, Serial Number, etcs)


2. FTP upload for web interface


  need 'template.html' in executable folder, it will be updated to 'index.html'

      It will showing METER readings

      and Micro-inverter information

      and House Layout



it is just concept how can be monitor Envoy IQ

and Generate Web page, and uploading using FTP


I will not publish the code on this website,

It is the last code for public,

I will just developt for myself only.


In fact, I can not keep going this programming, because I didn't got PTO yet.

and, My solar project has stuck by COVID-19.











        AcbSetSleepMode: "/admin/lib/acb_config.json",
        AcbGetSleepModeData: "/admin/lib/acb_config.json",
        AcbCancelSleepMode: "/admin/lib/acb_config.json",
        AgfProfileIndex: "/installer/agf/index.json?simplified=true",
        AgfProfileDetails: "/installer/agf/details.json",
        AgfProfileInverterStatus: "/installer/agf/inverters_status.json",
        AgfProfileSetProfile: "/installer/agf/set_profile.json",
        CellularConfig: "/admin/lib/network_display.json?cellular=1",
        ClearGFIPost: "/admin/lib/admin_dcc_display.json",
        DhcpGetNewIp: "/admin/lib/network_display.json",
        DiagnosticNetworkCheck: "/admin/lib/network_display.json",
        EthernetConfigGet: "/admin/lib/network_display.json",
        EthernetConfigPut: "/admin/lib/network_display.json",
        EventsGet: "/datatab/event_dt.rb",
        GetInfo: "/info.xml",
        GetTimezones: "/admin/lib/date_time_display.json?tzlist=1",
        Home: "/home.json",
        InternalMeterInfo: "/ivp/meters",
        InternalMeterReadings: "/ivp/meters/readings",
        InternalMeterCurrentCTSettings: "/ivp/meters/cts",
        Inventory: "/inventory.json?deleted=1",
        InverterComm: "/installer/pcu_comm_check",
        InverterProduction: "/api/v1/production/inverters",
        InverterDelete: "/prov",
        InverterPut: "/prov",
        NewScanGet: "/ivp/peb/newscan",
        NewScanPD: "/ivp/peb/newscan",
        PowerForcedModeGet: "/ivp/mod/EID/mode/power",
        PowerForcedModePut: "/ivp/mod/EID/mode/power",
        PMUGet: "/admin/lib/admin_pmu_display.json",
        PMUPost: "/admin/lib/admin_pmu_display.json",
        RedeterminePhase: "/ivp/grest/local/gs/redeterminephase",
        ReportSettingsGet: "/ivp/peb/reportsettings",
        ReportSettingsPut: "/ivp/peb/reportsettings",
        SetTimezone: "/admin/lib/date_time_display.json",
        SystemReadingStats: "/production.json?details=1",
        TariffSettingsGet: "/admin/lib/tariff.json",
        TariffSettingsPut: "/admin/lib/tariff.json",
        TunnelStateGet: "/admin/lib/dba.json",
        TunnelStatePut: "/admin/lib/dba.json",
        UpdateMeterConfig: "/ivp/meters/EID",
        UpdateMeterCurrentCTConfig: "/ivp/meters/cts/EID",
        UpdatePassword: "/admin/lib/security_display.json",
        WifiSettings: "/admin/lib/wireless_display.json",
        WifiSettingsJoin: "/admin/lib/wireless_display.json"