02/28/2022 17:58 (*.63.236.74)


1. Will getting worse

2. Not related with GRID - no need to check grid or profile

3. Just power on reset - at first power on reset, it is showing 'Grid Instability Error' because no grid profile







I have requested a detail information abut LCF-064-1P,

     Enphase - datasheet only

     Manufacturer - can not provide it because customized item


No more solution with LCF, I have decided to return the filter on Enphase,

I am not sure the part is no good, or filtering is not enough. 


So, I start to find the solution on my way,


I have reinstalled RP230-30-10-S and GTX-2300


    BUT, it has too high line loss, so, I have disassembled & checked GTX-2300.

    the coil configuration is the two-in-hand winding, it is good for common mode filtering, But, it has lower magnetic 

leakage, so,not good for differential mode filtering. it is not much useful for me.

    so, I have removed it. and, reduce 0.5mA leakage current & 10mOhm Resistance Loss




        RP230-30-10-S have 60dB 50/50 insertion loss, but, can not block

the signal from next door also, I guess, my noise level at my home is too quiet and no one use PLC devices.

Yes, high SNR, so, just Envoy signal can be detected too easily.


      so, I have decided to add an extra differential mode filter using ferrite




Ferrite core is B64290L0082X065


and, look the wire direction, it is the coupled differential mode, and 2 turns.

over one day, it can isolated successfuly, the expected core loss is 200-300Wh per year. 

it is much less than 1~2kWh in GTX-2300-Y02. 


This configuration will be saturated under 10A. so, I have tried on single turn. 

at least, I need 20A because higher current will act as a noise, and will reduce the sensitivity of enovy.

and, I just need this inductor is working at the lower current (quite) zone.




This is final configuration.

It is working well, now, my system has been isolated completely.

and, no more cross-domain-traffic issue.


The cost of Ferrite & RP230 filter is just $80, and under $100 include tax & shipping.

It will working when system current is under 24A (around 20, IQ7+),

If want to apply on the bigger system, need bigger filter






I have installed shortest wiring, and no overlap to avoid a crosstalk, and just put one Ferrite core to filter a common mode for wire organizing and 10cm overcome earth wires. It may affect on the high frequency, but, it is not our concern because LCF is for 110kHz L-to-L PLC & Noise filtering now.

Let me check what will happening, 


Updated on NOV 29 2021


Long story is short, It is not working



This is an error what I do not want to get..

I have requested some advice and, Enphase said


Avoid a magnetic PLC coupling by

  - Own enclouser :: it is related with a distance, but, -.-a

  - 12" distance between conductor  :: point to point is not important, parallel run is the key


Anyway, I have installed as




If I add an enclouser for the filter, I have to get a permit & inspection from local office. it become so complicated issue. and, I feel, so strange, the engineer do not understand what is the real problem.


anyway, I am not sure what is the cause why it can not block the signal from my next door, 

i understand as it is a customized part for IQ. Maybe it is just a issue of my part. 


while low current, Enovy is detecting the other enovy at outside.

IT is happening because my house has very quite in electric noise.

if not cut-out completely, the filter is not enough because still high SNR. 



11/24/2021 16:21 (*.17.160.158)

Very good video what is difference between Mico and String Inverters



Micro vs String Inverter



You have to watch it before install a solar system.


Enphase MI system is much expensive than String inverter,

even more than Optimizer system.


But, String inverter system need 6+ panels in series, it means there is a minimum number of panels under similar sun-light condition. but, MI system do not have the minimum requirments, technically 1 panel.


so, if have small zone & multi zones (more than 2), MI should be better

except this condition, There is no advantage via the extra cost




Have to watch this video ~ Really ~ Really important


Most solar users are fooled by the micro inverter company,

Their advertizing is a fake ~






String Inverter

The pannel has connected in series. when some panel has shaded, it will affect on VOLTAGE not current. so, and, power will be by-passed on the the shade panel, total power output will be 100-100-100-50, the drawing for string inverter is 100% fake, or they just ignore the role of by-pass dioe, 


Micro Inverter

when partial shading, it will reduce the voltage not current, and there are 3 or 4 sections in a panel, and each section has by-passed using a diode. if the panel has 3 sections (60-72 cell), voltage will drop to 2/3 level. Even shade a SINGLE cell. if 36~39V system voltage drop to 2/3, the votlage output with the same current will be 24~26V. UNFOTUNATELY, most micro inverter need higher than 27V, effectively 29~30V. So, Even 1 CELL has shaded, MI will just output 5-10% power which has generated by the diffusion light.  so, 100-100-100-10 are the correct otuput in the drawing.


NEVER FOOLED, Practically, String inverter will ouptut more than 99% of MI system, even better long term.


If someone ask, when MI system is better ?


I want to say when have small sections. you need at least 6+ panels for start-up and 8~12 panels for the best efficiency in a section (similar light condition). and, the most string inverter has 2~4 MPPT line. if there the section size is less than 6, can not use the section in case of string inverter. and, if the section number is more than 4, need multiple inverters. example,

BUT, micro inverter system free from this requirments.


It is the real advantage of micro-inverter system,

Any other explanations are 99% BS

We knew Enphase Envoy and Inverters are communicating using Power Line Carrier,


The Envoy IQ is using Line-to-Line Singal instead Envoy-S's Line-to-N/G Signal.


It is a huge difference, because Envoy IQ is generating Differential mode signal

and, OLD Envoy is generating Common mode signal


To filter the signal from my neighborhood (he has installed Solar System last summer, unfotunately, he & I under the same utility tranformer). To solve the cross domain traffic issue, I need to filter the differential mode signal.


I have installed RP230-30-10-S between IQ combiner busbar And Wire_to_load_center.

It is suggested for Envoy-S (Line-to-N/G) system. but, Double stage filter has a good filtering on DM signal. Especially, this model shows 60dB insertion loss on DM. so, I have expected, it will filter the signal.


Insertion Loss (dB) = 20 * log10 ( Unfiltered / Filtered)

60dB means, 20 * 3 = 1000/1, the signal should be filtered by 1/1000 at 150kHz

Even consider some decay at 100kHz, the filtering performance should be 1/100 or better.

Leakage current of this filter is 1.8mA, it is pretty high loss






but, envoy is showing ‘Communications from other Envoy(s) have been detected’ early morning. And it is disappearing till evening, and showing again.


I have installed GTX-2300-Y02 between Wire_from_envoy and Breaker_Load_Center


Insersion loss is around 20dB in common mode. there is no differential value.

I am expecting around 10dB minimum, but, the leakage current is 0.5mA,

Too expensive to use it,






Load center and combiner has located as below




MI - Combiner - RP230 - GTX2300 - Critical Load Center - XW 6848 - Main Load Center - Grid


Unfutunately, it can not solve the issue,

the message come again and again ~ like a die hard ....


Wait a minitue, just thinking again,


Common mode signal.JPG


New Envoy is Line-to-Line communication, so, I have to remove/block a differential mode signal,

it means, the common mode filter is not working.


  • Envoy-S    same as Common Mode Signal
  • Envoy-IQ   same as Differential Signal


If install Ferrite Core on L1/L2, yes, it should not working -.-, that is just for old Enovy ONLY. !!!!


GTX-2300, it is a typical single stage common filter, it is good on common noise, and, have some filter for differential mode noise, i feel, that is not strong enough.




and, RP230-30-10, It is double stage filter, it have 60dB insertion loss on DM at 150kHz.



Unfotunately, those filters can not block the signal and, my envoy still detect the other Envoy(s). 



BUT, I feel so strange,


(1) it is detected when early morning  - when MIs start to work

(2) it is detected when evening - when MIs stop to work

(3) sometime at evening


so, I have tried to check the noise level and filtering level using SA




it makes me so disappointed, because I can not detect any signal from outside for couple of hours.

I have checked my device again, turn-on Enovy and check the signal




My equiment can detect a communication signal which has been generating from my Envoy.

I can find a signal, and confirm the filtering even I can not find the exact level of filtering.




How my Envoy detect the other Envoy(s) signal ?

How my Envoy detect the other Envoy(s) signal after 2 filters ? there is 60dB insertion loss. Is it possible to be detected ?


ANYWAY, most power line filter is designed to minimize the power loss using small capacitor.

It means, not strong enogh on DM filtering, BUT, can not explain the the message while low power mode. Because filter will lost the performance while higher current mode,


I have ordered Q-LCF-064-1P-1 to make sure,


Because it said, IQ compatible,


75W maximum loss (via the maximum current), should be under 1/16 at my appliaction.

anyway, around ~19Wh is so high power consumption 


75W x 1/16 & 4.15h = 19Wh per day (or 7.1kWh per year)

Maybe need to try for the DM mode noise

11/08/2021 16:17 (*.17.160.158)

This is showing how cable has connected and where is the panel/inverter has installed on my roof.




This is an simple electric node diagram,

Pretty complex tree than my expectation,

When I have chance, I should clean-up and optimize the wire routing.

becuase I found so many duplicate path, and far routings.


(1) remove cap from top route (between 12-13)

(2) install cap on end of 07

(3) move jumper wire between bottom and middle route, on top - middle

(4) move JB-middle to JB-bottom


and then, Break #1 route will have 9 inverters (longest 6 node)

and, Breaker #2 route will have 6 inverters,


for this job, jumper cable should enought to jump from mid to top.

little doubt ...


Maybe need

    50' Q-cable

    2  female connector to make an extension cable

    1  terminator

    1  cap

    1  connector disassembly clip/jig


Actually, the best method is

    (1) make an extra route from bottom to JB

    (2) update JB


But, need enough wire clips ...... so many....




The most people charge thier computer or smart phone frequently, and try to keep in full charge status.

They have to understand that is the worst habit to use a lithium chemistry.


When keep the high charge status over long time, battery degradation is happening.

Will lost capacity permanently, this damage can be increased with the temperature of battery (device).


This is why no one recommend do not keep charging all the time, to reduce the average status of charge.






02/10/2021 18:02 (*.17.160.158)

I have 10kWh (51.2V, 200Ah) battery pack already.

But, it is not enough to back-up 2-3 days.

So, I have ordered custom battery pack module (total $6,000 include delivery/bus-bar box).

Each battery pack have 5kWh (51.2V, 100Ah) capacity.


Total 30kWh will enough

     2 days     without 0 solar production in winter season

     3 days     with 50% solar production in winter season

     unlimited  with 100% solar production in winter season


My power usage is around 12~16kWh in winter,  

The full solar production is just 10~13kWh in winter, I have to install an extra panels to support full power demand. and planing on this summer


     1.4kWAC panel for grid-tie, expected 2~3kWh extra in winter season

     0.7kWDC panel for battery back-up, expected 1kWh exra in winter season


Basically, no need to worry in spring/fall/summer, solar panel can generate more than a day amount.

just need a night back-up





02/10/2021 17:51 (*.17.160.158)

Install Schneider XW Pro (6848 Inverter/Charger) for an emergency back-up at home.

I have finished in 2020, but, Just found an installation photo.


I have add 2/3" Plywood on the wall to hold the inverter, it is so heavy (137lb),

And, prepared back-feed to main breaker panel for whole house power.


Inverter / Conduit Box / Gateway / SCP / Extra electric parts (wire / breaker / interlock / conduit / .....),

Total cost is around $5,000