I have installed shortest wiring, and no overlap to avoid a crosstalk, and just put one Ferrite core to filter a common mode for wire organizing and 10cm overcome earth wires. It may affect on the high frequency, but, it is not our concern because LCF is for 110kHz L-to-L PLC & Noise filtering now.

Let me check what will happening, 


Updated on NOV 29 2021


Long story is short, It is not working



This is an error what I do not want to get..

I have requested some advice and, Enphase said


Avoid a magnetic PLC coupling by

  - Own enclouser :: it is related with a distance, but, -.-a

  - 12" distance between conductor  :: point to point is not important, parallel run is the key


Anyway, I have installed as




If I add an enclouser for the filter, I have to get a permit & inspection from local office. it become so complicated issue. and, I feel, so strange, the engineer do not understand what is the real problem.


anyway, I am not sure what is the cause why it can not block the signal from my next door, 

i understand as it is a customized part for IQ. Maybe it is just a issue of my part. 


while low current, Enovy is detecting the other enovy at outside.

IT is happening because my house has very quite in electric noise.

if not cut-out completely, the filter is not enough because still high SNR.