I have decide to install a wood racking for two solar panel at my back yard,

Becuase comercial racking is too expensive.

I should install between two shed




I made a simple design using power point,

Yes, it is not professional... but, just enough information




The best tilt is 34deg. but, I decide as 31deg to simplify 


Time to buy wood & screw at homedepot,

I have bought 4"x4" 6' 6EA for post, and 5/4"x6" 5EA for beam/support.

my SUV can not hold 10', so, I waste some 4"x4" woods





Cutting & assemble,

Follwing the design




yes, finally, I have finished the first stage as




All assembly is pretty heavy, over 100lb.

If assemble two solar panel, it will be more than 200lb.


I have use Mailbox Ground Anchor to hold each post.




In fact, I doubt, I really need it or not. Actually, it is expensive $32/post ($192 for 6 posts)

(all wood & screw is just $110)

I do not recommend to use it. If not much water contact with wood frame.

just add some support beam at bottom side, it will be enough.

in my case, very high wind because next door

and, water collecting area while raining.

so, I decide to make some kind of offset from the ground. so, I have used those achors.


Now, I am waiting panels..

Solar Report.png


At my location, the maximum possible production is around 6.711MWh with my system.

* 15 LG350N1C with IQ7+


But, Panels are installed on the three different location with various direction/tilt.

When consider the installation, Maximum value is 6.314MWh

But, I just get 6.166MWh due to the shading of dome/tree.


My estimated production is 6.129MWh (NREL Model 6.185MWh),


One of critical issue with an AC coupling system is happening when battery has fully discharged.

There is no way to recover back.


So, I decide to install an addtional DC coupling

as below





Two panasonic HIT340 module on the shed at my back yard.


2 pannels are connected in series, it can generate 680W. (practically, it can generate 760~780W).





I have installed cheap MPPT charger,

Actually, this model can support 190V input, and working up to 160V.

When I make 2s 96cell module, Voc is around 130-140V. and Vmppt is around 120V.

It is too hard to use a generic 150V charger.

but, this MPPT controller is perfect in my case.





This is final connection,


I have installed 200W 48V to 12V DC2DC for Mini-computer (monitoring), NAS (Data storage & Web Server)

and Wireless Router (to keep on an in-house network).


whole system.png


I have installed 30kWh battery power


The useable capacity is around 24~25kWh. and, It is enough to supply 24 hours full power usage.

or 2-3 days limited power usage at my house.