This is showing how cable has connected and where is the panel/inverter has installed on my roof.




This is an simple electric node diagram,

Pretty complex tree than my expectation,

When I have chance, I should clean-up and optimize the wire routing.

becuase I found so many duplicate path, and far routings.


(1) remove cap from top route (between 12-13)

(2) install cap on end of 07

(3) move jumper wire between bottom and middle route, on top - middle

(4) move JB-middle to JB-bottom


and then, Break #1 route will have 9 inverters (longest 6 node)

and, Breaker #2 route will have 6 inverters,


for this job, jumper cable should enought to jump from mid to top.

little doubt ...


Maybe need

    50' Q-cable

    2  female connector to make an extension cable

    1  terminator

    1  cap

    1  connector disassembly clip/jig


Actually, the best method is

    (1) make an extra route from bottom to JB

    (2) update JB


But, need enough wire clips ...... so many....