When use a home back-up power using Generator or Inverter, the peak power usage of the centeral AC is the biggest trouble maker. such as I have been using XW Pro for the whole house back-up, this inverter has 6.8kW continous power and 13.2kW peak power base on the view of Central AC. This inverter can run my 2.5t Centernal AC's Compressor but there are so high tranformer noises.


I have decided to install a soft-starter to reduce the peak power demand when start-up,

My AC's LRA is 67A (16kW), it is too high to handle by my inverter, but, practical usage is just around 40A (10kW). it is why my inverter can support barely. BUT, if there is the other temporary load, my inverter will got damaged if running without a soft-starter.


my AC is not smart enough, and it can be stalled, it means, can lost a key parts.


Micro-Air EasyStart 368 is an only solution in the market, this is the connection method





and, final




At the first run with soft-starter




Peak demand is 37A (~9kW), 




From the second run, the peak demand has reduced to 18A (~ 4.5kW), not, there is a marginal power for the other loads.  and, Motor/Compressor starting power has soften clearly.