Programming MP4TE 0.5.2~4 Personal Version & Open Source Code

2009.02.02 12:06

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*** 0.5 Version has been removed ****

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Hi, How are you?
I've fixed some bugs and decied to open the source code for public use.

MP4TE v0.5.4 [2009/02/17]
(1) IMPROVED : SMI importing function has been improved
      - remove the unused tag
      - remove the duplicated line
(2) FIX : Bugs in TrackSelector

MP4TE v0.5.3 [2009/02/11]
(1) FIX : When import a subtile which modifed for iphone in MP4, it's not imported. Now, fixed subtile(s) can be imported to new generated MP4 file.
(2) FIX : If don't select [ ] fixing option, it generate error.
(3) Others

MP4TE v0.5.2
(1) FIX : When import SMI/SRT, the chacter has  been chanced to lower case.
(2) Others.

Anyway, I'll update this software continously. and I hope to help a programmer who want to understand the support soft subtitle for iPhone/touch.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to send an e-mail or leave a comment.

Have a nice day !!!