iDevice Internal Call Automatic Support for Smart Phone

2010.08.24 16:22

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Actually, when I visit some country such as China, Korea. the bookbook is become to useless.

Such as

      friend_in_korea      011-82-11-111-1111

      it is correct number when I call from USA. but,

      If I am in Korea. I have to call 011-111-1111

      If I am in China, I have to call 00-82-11-111-1111

this kind of variations makes me so difficult to use the phone book...

Actually, I have put some multiple number in my phone book already.

If the smart phone is real smart.

this kind of issues can be resolved automatically.



     international call service number such as 011 in USA, is is fixed or flexible and depend on the country

     country code is depend on the country

     - Phone can detect where is the phone is used, it means, International Service Number and Country Code

       can be controlled automatically.

     - Sometime, '0' prefix should be removed when calling from over-sea... China,Korea.......

       It can be processed automatically.


It is a very useful, even PhoneBook input is little bit difficult.

Actually, the addtional input feild is just [SELECT] of Internation Call Serive & [SELECT] of International Call Code.

It can be ignored by default detection.


~~~ Fucntional Description ~~~~


Phone Book Input

        Internation Call Service Number              Just for a new country or by country
        Interantion Call Code                        Just for a nee country or by country
        Area Code                                  
        Phone Number
        Such as
            Phone Book - ICS Number Edit
                USA     011
                KOREA   001, 002, 00700
                CHINA   00
            Phone Book - Add or Input
                ICS Number [ 011 ]            <select by scroll, default is AUTO :: current country in table>
                ICS Code   [ 1   ]            <select by scroll, deafult is AUTO :: current country code>
                Area Code  [ 2010000000 ]     <same as current>
Phone Book Option

        Internation calling support  [ON | OFF]

Phone Book Display
        IF the international call code is same as the location code which detected by roaming service.
             >> AreaCode + Phone Number
        IF the international call code is difference as the location code with detected by roaming serivce.
             >> International Call Service Number + International Call Code + Area Code + Phone Number
             ex) If user is in China, and calling USA
                 00  +  1 + 2010000000
             ex) If user is in USA, and calling to China (difference International Call Code)
                 011 + 86 + 0000000000
             ex) If user is in USA, and calling to Korea(011-100-0000) with  [OPTION] Remove '0' prefix in Area Code when Internaltional Call is ON
                 011 + 82 + 11-100-0000