Programming JHA (Jackpot Hashing Algorithm)

2014.05.06 10:42

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Jackpot Hashing Algorithm (aka JHA)


JHA has designed using Random Hashing Method and Random  Hashing Round using SHA3, Blake, Grøstl, JH, Skein. and, archive the high secure level without increase the requirements such as electric or hardware performance and cost. Using Multi-level of anti-parallelism in instruction, sub module, even in the round hashing, It makes difficult to apply on ASIC or modern SIMD GPU.



jackpot hashing algorithm.png





            Heavy/Light Pair, It break the parallelism which required in the modern GPU, and ASIC.

            Balance Pair, It adjust the balance of a round

            Multi Round, for higher secure and performance adjustments between CPU and GPU.



Reduce the hashing load but increase the security

JHA using Heavy/Light Pair and Balanced Pair random hashing rounds, it will reduce the hashing power requirements to half compare the linear hashing method. but, Up to 64 times higher security. It is the flexible and dynamic algorithm, the number of rounds, hashing pair, and hashing method can be adjustable due to the version mark in the protocol.


Balanced hashing speed between CPU, GPU, and ASIC

Generally, the hashing power of GPU is ~10 times higher than CPU, and ASIC is ~10 times higher than GPU.  is To archive the large scale miner such as ASIC miner, JHA need the very high power host processor to increase the threads of compute unit in ASIC or the modern GPU. It will increase the mining hardware cost (not just chip level) and make impossible to use with coin.


Balanced hashing power between CPU and GPU

This algorithm has develop to give a fair chance to all hardware, CPU (low end or high end) and GPU (nVidia or AMD).Specially, older hardware will have more hashing power if it has a real computing power. Modern GPU has huge improvements in data processing area, but, they do not have an improvements in computing power. This algorithm is depend on the computing power instead of data processing power.



jackpot hashing algorithm index.png

* Index is based on Intel i7-2600



(1), first implementation

(2), developer github