iDevice iPhone 4s or iPhone 5

2011.05.03 19:54

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There are so many rumor about iPhone next generation.

I just descript some expected changing for the next generation of iPhone and possibility


   Most Possible Changes

   1.  A5 Dual CPU

       - it is very easy to apply on the next version, but, more  memory support is questionable.

   2.  More Flash Memory Version such as 64GB

       - already, 64GB model has been leaked

   3.  4G Network Support

       - Apple need an one chip solution, but this solution will be on the mass production in end 2011

       - It means, next version of iPhone will not support 4G

   4.  NFC (near field communication)

       - it will be commercialized from end of 2012 

   5.  Bigger Screen (Edge to Edge)

       - If they increase the size of screen, they will lost Retina

       - If they increase the resolution, there are some techinical problems with old version of software.

         * just partial screen will be used for old software like as running iPhone software in iPad

         * the fram display can be a temporary resolution.

       - just increase around 0.2" (from 3.5 to 3.7), it is not Apple Style

       - It is very low possibility

   6.  Completly New Desgin

       - Yes, but, not in this year

   7.  2MP front camera for FaceTime HD

       - Yes, maybe in Sep, it is possible

   8.  8MP back camera

       - Yes, maybe in Sep, it is possible.


   Some rumors which indicate Sep release

   1. Currently, the material/component manufactuer do not have any changing notice for the new design.

   2. White version has been announced on end-of-Apr

   3. iOS 5 preview  announce on June


   I have different interpreation on the rumors which indicates Sep release.

   1. Apple will update just minor as iPhone 4s (same as 3G & 3Gs), only update the mainboard with A5

       and big flash memory version, possibly higher resolution of Camera.

   2. This device will be running under iOS 5

   3. In this case, there is no reason to delay till Sep, because of they have all to update already.

   4. Just a question is why apple has been announce White Version on Apr. But, there are two explanations

       First, keep the same design, there is no extra design cost is involved. and, model change can be happen always,

       Specially, they are suppling the limited amount

       Second, it can be an evidence the design will be same exactly as before.

   5. Even they delay the release date to Sep, they can not apply any big change on design or hardware.


   By the reason, I am pretty sure, Apple will announce iPhone 4s on June

   1. CPU update

   2. Flash memory update

   3. Camera update