iDevice MacBook Air Graphic Driver for Windows 7 - Error 43

2011.04.05 10:19

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Recently, I have installed BootCamp v3.2 with Windows 7 under my MacBook Air 2G 11.6"

While installing windows 7,  I got Error Code 43 from nVidia 320M and,

My computer just working under Standard VGA mode only.

I have been  googling nVIDIA/Apple but, I can not find a clear answer.


this problem is happen while installing some driver/update of Windows 7

Specially, when install new device driver (*.sys) this problem can be happen,

Simply, if remove the lastest Windows Update, It will be resolved.

I have got this error with KB2249857 update.


(1) open control pannel

(2) run Program and Features

(3) View installed updates

(4) Sort by Installed On data

(5) Remove lastest one which installed just before you got an error


Not just this, NFS service, and and some media driver also make this error!!!

If you can not resolve this problem, install attached 3rd party driver.

This driver will not support Hot Key Control