What do you need ?

Software in iPhone






Step 1. Install Perl


    1. Connect your iPhone using WinSCP

    2. Make a working folder such as ‘/work

    3. You can download ‘coredev.pub’ from followed command. And, You need to add the key into your database.

         curl -O http://coredev.nl/cydia/coredev.pub

         apt-key add coredev.pub


         * Even some warning messages can be displayed, just ignore it.


     4. Modify list and install Perl


         echo ‘deb http://coredev.nl/cydia iphone main’ > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/coredev.nl.list”.  

         apt-key update

         apt-key install perl


          * To make a package list, we will use ‘dpkg-scanpackages’. it is a perl script, so you need to install Perl. You may encounter ‘Out of disk space’ warning on your iPhone.  You can remove some unused languages,


  • Remove some unused text input from ‘/System/Library/TextInput’. Be careful !!!
  • Just move ‘/usr/local’ folder into data area

      mv /usr/local /private/var && ln -s /private/var/local /usr


Step 2. Generate Packages


      1. Copy ‘dpkg-gettext.pl’ into '/usr/local/lib/perl5'. and Set file permission as ‘755’

      2. Copy ‘dpkg-scanpackages’ into ‘/user/bin’. and Set file permission as ‘775’

      3. Copy your *.DEB file(s) into ‘/work

      4. Run follow commands from ‘/work’ folder


           /usr/bin/dpkg-scanpackages -m . /dev/null > Packages


      5. Now you must backup ‘Packages’ file. When you want to add or modify the packages, you can just copy new packages into iPhone and generate this file again. You can merge with original Packages.

If you can use Linux you can easily generate whole packages again. But, when you make this file using iPhone, you may need to prepare more disk space to keep whole file(s).

      6. If you have merged ‘Packages’ with the original Packages file, you need to copy this file into this folder.

      7. Compress using bzip2


           bzip2 Packages


      8. Packages.bz2 has been created on your iPhone.


Step 3. Upload on your website.


     1. You just need prepare a folder in your website using FTP software.

     2. Upload all *.DEB and Packages.bz2