General Sony VAIO Z Serise - SLIC 2.1 BIOS

2009.12.15 02:01

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Sony VAIO Z Serise BIOS ( )


          Version    R4044M3

          Modified to support

                          SLIC v2.1 - It makes possible to install Windows 7 OEM version

           How Flash

                           Need to DOS boot


                           > flashit R4044ADV.ROM /all


* Additon Tip to boot DOS


   (1) Download Hiren's Ultimate BootCD 10.1 or later

   (2) Burn it

   (3) Reboot Using Boot CD


   (4) Choise Hiren's Boot CD


   (6) Choice HFINFO

   (7) Quit HFINFO

   (8) You will return to DOS prompt


* If you using the other DOS boot method, it will shows DOS4GW ERROR by EMM driver.


Good Luck.. !!!!