Recompiled ETHMINER for Windows,
This version will load CL file '' while running.
It means, if Miner have some idea about CL programming, Miner can make/test their own CL code


Jackpot Hashing Algorithm (aka JHA)


JHA has designed using Random Hashing Method and Random  Hashing Round using SHA3, Blake, Grøstl, JH, Skein. and, archive the high secure level without increase the requirements such as electric or hardware performance and cost. Using Multi-level of anti-parallelism in instruction, sub module, even in the round hashing, It makes difficult to apply on ASIC or modern SIMD GPU.



jackpot hashing algorithm.png

First Step
1. Download and install 'FlashArmyKnife' app from AppStore
Second Step
1. Run Calculator
2. Type "1642,M+,C,1452,M+,C,1943,M+"
Third Step
1. Open network preference
2. Create NETWORK as 'illusion'

There are so many rumor about iPhone next generation.
I just descript some expected changing for the next generation of iPhone and possibility
   Most Possible Changes
   1.  A5 Dual CPU
       - it is very easy to apply on the next version, but, more  memory support is questionable.
   2.  More Flash Memory Version such as 64GB
       - already, 64GB model has been leaked
   3.  4G Network Support
       - Apple need an one chip solution, but this solution will be on the mass production in end 2011

Recently, I have installed BootCamp v3.2 with Windows 7 under my MacBook Air 2G 11.6"
While installing windows 7,  I got Error Code 43 from nVidia 320M and,
My computer just working under Standard VGA mode only.
I have been  googling nVIDIA/Apple but, I can not find a clear answer.
this problem is happen while installing some driver/update of Windows 7
Specially, when install new device driver (*.sys) this problem can be happen,
Simply, if remove the lastest Windows Update, It will be resolved.
I have got this error with KB2249857 update.

Here is the some updated driver of Magic Mouse & Magic TrackPad  for Windows.
Those drivers have been extraced from BootCamp Update v3.1.
Apple Magic Mouse 32bit / 64 bit : MultiTouchMouse_x86.exe MultiTouchMouse_x64.exe
Apple Magic TrackPad 32bit / 64 bit : MultiTP_x86.exe MultiTP_x64.exe
If you need driver, just download and use it !!!!
Personally, I am uploading some data for me. Please do not link to the other sites !!!
애플 매직 마우스 및 트랙패드용 윈도우즈 드라이버 입니다.

iPhone Tunnel Suite v3 is a famous utility to connect with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad using USB Cable.
Basically, your iDevice should  be jailbroken and AFC2ADD and OpenSSH have been installed
Just Run, and choice Terminal or WinSCP.
If you just need to browse & copy file(s), I recommend to use i-FunBox.
But, if you need SSH connection, this tool will be useful for you.

Cyder2-0.1-RC2 is a useful software to download DEB package from Cydia Source.
When you need to collect the dependencies -or-
When you need to test your server.
You can use this software.


What do you need ?

Software in iPhone




Step 1. Install Perl


    1. Connect your iPhone using WinSCP


What do you need ?



  • Jailbreak iPhone

Software in computer

  • WinSCP
  • WordPad

Software in iPhone

  • dpkg
  • dpkg-deb

          *  Those programs are in /usr/bin of Jailbreak iPhone.



Step 1 : Program Folder